Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms and condition as mentioned below constitute an agreement between SafeDeal Corporation and its SafeDeal Business Consultant (IBC). 
  2. SafeDeal Corporation welcomes New Entrants sponsored only through existing SafeDeal Members.
  3. SafeDeal accept the payments as Demand Draft (DD) drawn in the name of 'SafeDeal Corporation' payable at Nasik or can pay cash direct at SafeDeal office: as well as IBC's can deposit payment in SafeDeal's Bank Accounts to do the signup. If the payment is made in any other form, then SafeDeal is not responsible for any miss-happenings.
  4. The placement of details of any new entrant will be validated based on the information received from the on line log in information and filled form of SafeDeal only. Any dispute regarding will not entertained by the corporate.
  5. When the enrollment procedure is completed in all respects and the SafeDeal No. is validated by the admin the new IBC will be in our active member database for the next 12 months from the date of final enrollment.
  6. This agreement does not create an employee- employer relationship, partnership or joint venture between IBC and SafeDeal. SafeDeal does not promise any kind of monitory gain in any way to IBC. Earnings of the IBC will be solely depends on his/ her own performance.
  7. The IBC must be of legal age of 18 years as on date of application The IBC's entering into this agreement with his free will and consent.
  8. The SafeDeal will deduct tax at source as per income tax act 1961 as well as other government taxes / duties/ charges at the prevailing rate and annual processing / license / service charge.
  9. All the IBC will use his / her best efforts to promote product and service of the SafeDeal in a truthful and honest manner.
  10. The IBC should not use trademark, symbols, literature and slogans of the SafeDeal for any other purpose other than as specified by the SafeDeal.
  11. Annual processing charges & license fees will be deducted from the incentive.
  12. TDS will be deducted from the incentive as per applicable rate as per income tax act, 1961.
  13. No IBC is authorized to make any promises to prospect. If applicant relies on any promise, made by IBC trying to recruit him or her that is not in this agreement and / or official material and that recruiting IBC fails to keep any such promise, the application only have recourse against such IBC and not the SafeDeal.
  14. The IBC should understand that under any circumstances SafeDeal is not responsible for any unauthorized acts / incentives committed by him. This said is responsible to indemnify the SafeDeal for his unauthorized act and he will be liable for all Provisions and consequences according to law.
  15. In case of death of registered IBC the benefits and IBC Code will be transferred in favor of the nominee as mentioned in the application from.
  16. The SafeDeal reserves the sole right to change, rectify, and to amend the incentive structure, cancel and introduce rules and regulation; Policies and procedures, terms and condition from time to time and IBC shall abide by the same.
  17. Any IBC found to be working against the interest of the SafeDeal, spoiling the name or the reputation of the SafeDeal and found disturbing or diverting the distributors from the SafeDeal or miss-using IBCs/potential Distributors or Distributors funds/money or contacts will be terminated without prior notice and explanation.
  18. The SafeDeal will not be screening
    - The contents provided by the user
    - Any material that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise unlawful
    - Any materials that violate copy right, trademarks, patents or other property rights.
  19. The signature in the application form will be taken as the IBC specimen signature. The SafeDeal will not be responsible in case communication / Payment is not received due to incomplete address as given by him/her.
  20. Any dispute arising between the SafeDeal and an IBC will be decided according to Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 and subject to Nasik jurisdiction only.


  21. SafeDeal Corporation is the service provider proprietary firm in Finance and Insurance sector working with various financial institutes like LICHFL, ICICI, HDFC, GIC, DHFL, etc. and IDBI Federal, Star Union Die- ichi, LIC, Bajaj Allianz, United Insurance, HDFC Standard Life, Star Health, etc. Very soon we are stepping in Real Estate related services. Here we have lot of sources of income by doing smart working to every individual of India.
  22. ‘SafeDeal’ means SafeDeal related department and related officials means appointed staff of SafeDeal.
  23. ‘Customer, Member, Consultant’ means the person who enroll himself in the SafeDeal.
  24. ‘Web Site’ means www.safedeal.co.inThis is the official website of SafeDeal Corporation
  25. IBCmeansSafeDeal Business Co-Ordinator.
  26. ‘Opportunity’ means benefits of SafeDeal’s different types of income. You can take this various incomes after your enrollment. Example: IMP, RPFF, Yearly Incentive, etc.
  27. ‘Enrollment’ means membership of the SafeDeal which is received after purchasing any product recommended and avail by the SafeDeal for new entrants. And avail to receive by default for the existing customers of us.
  28. ‘ID number’ – Every member is allotted a unique identification number after payment and final login such number is called as ID Number.
  29. ‘Well-come kit’ means after enrollment SafeDeal send you some business support material and gifts which comes to you after 15 days to 21 days from final login. content of well-come kit are
  30. Well Come Letter

    Business Manual

    Surprise Gift

    Policies & Procedure Manual

  31. ‘Business Manual’ means business proposal book. In this book you get all information about business proposal and other activities of SafeDeal Corporation
  32. ‘Policies & Procedure Manual’ means one of business guide where you can find all answer of your questions about this SafeDeal.
  33. ‘Provisional Enrollment’ means the facility to block your position in the structure. It helps you when one needs a time for fund arrangements. One gets period of 15 days from the provisional Enrollment date for final Enrollment.
  34. ‘Final Enrollment’ means Final Enrollment is the Enrollment made for final joining. Final Enrollment gives a power to login your business leads and start your business encashment immediately under your ID.
  35. ‘User ID & Password’ means the unique combination of numbers & alphabets to protect information seen by others
  36. ‘Secrete question’ means the question asked when you forgot your password. The question depends on the information provided at the time of Enrollment.
  37. ‘Payout’ means total income against your freelancing performance as an IBC within every payment cycle of SafeDeal.
  38. ‘Payout Voucher’ means bifurcation of all type of incomes IBC receives from SafeDeal. It is available online on SafeDeal website.
  39. ‘TDS’ means tax deducted at source.
  40. ‘Processing Fee and Other’ means one time charges to maintain IBC account of performance as a free lancer, courier and telecommunication charges.
  41. ‘Our Bankers’ means the banks where SafeDeal has its corporate account.
  42. ‘Income’ means the amount received by the IBC towards his commission.
  43. ‘Prospect’ is the person who may become IBC.